Volume 4: 2017
ISSN: 677-9834-654
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Journal of Veterinary and Applied Sciences (JVAS)
Volume VII: 2017
Effects of Furosemide on Xylazine-Ketamine Anaesthesia in Cats.
Adetunji Adeniran, Cecilia O. Oguntoye and Fatai M. Lawal   7: 7-12

Volume VI: 2016

Impact of Solar and Kerosene Stove Brooding Methods on Growth Rate and Haematological Parameters of Broiler Chicken.
Chuka Ezema, Amarachi J. Mbachu
and Wilfred I. Okonkwo
   6: 7-11

Volume V: 2015
Comparison of Fasting Blood Glucose Levels of Male and Female Mice Post Xylazine Hydrochloride Administration.
Rita I. Udegbunam and Sunday O. Udegbunam   5: 1-6

Volume IV: 2014
Haematological Profile of Nigerian Horses in Obollo-Afor, Enugu State.
John I. Ihedioha and Onyinyechukwu A. Agina   4: 1-8

Volume III: 2013
Acute toxicity, phytochemical constituents and in-vitro anti-oxidant activity of crude methanolic stem bark extract of Cassia sieberiana dc.
Thelma E. Ihedioha, Valentine U. Omoja and Isaac U. Asuzu  3: 1-9

Volume II: 2012
Comparism of different methods of isolation of pure cultures of Haemonchus contortus.
Chukwunyere O. Nwosu, Idika K. Idika, Ifeyinwa M. Oparaojiego, Chijioke N. Iheagwam and Ikenna O. Eze   2: 3135

Volume I: 2011
Comparative efficacy of Samorecide® plus and Trypamidium-Samorin® in the treatment of experimental Trypanosoma brucei brucei infection in albino rats
Ezeh, I. O., Iheagwam, C. N., Umezuruike, U. U. and Ezeokonkwo, R. C
.   1: 1-9

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Volume IX: 2019
A Retrospective Study on the Occurrence of Newcastle Disease in Orlu Zone Imo State, Nigeria.
Ihemdirim C. Unamba-Oparah, Chioma Unamba-Oparah, Victor U. Odoemelam and Christiana N. Ahiogu

Seroprevalance of Brucella Antibodies in Trade Cattle and Goats Slaughtered at Nsukka, Nigeria.
Lynda O. Majesty-Alukagberie, Joseph I. Onunkwo, Ifeoma A. Titus and Jessica K. Ugwu

The Prevalence of Cryptosporidium Infection in Rabbits in Enugu North Senatorial Zone of Enugu State, Nigeria.
Nwakaego E. Nweze, Johnbosco U. Osu agwu, Paul C. Animoke, Ukamaka U. Eze

Effect of Vitamin C on Semen Quality of Rabbits Intoxicated with Lead.
Kabir A. Raheem, Daniel C. Ifenkwe, Yunus A. Wahab and Peter I. Rekwot

Changes in Selected Hematological and Serum Biochemical Parameters Associated with Surgically Managed Tooth Avulsion in a Dog: Case Report.
Nnamdi H. Okereke, Rita I. Udegbunam, Nnenna T. Emejuo and Sunday O. Udegbunam

Correction of Dystocia by Caesarean Section in a One-Year-Old Primiparous West African Dwarf Ewe: A Case Report.
Chike F. Oguejiofor and Theophilus O. Nnaji

Parasitic Diseases of Monkeys in Osun State, Nigeria: A Ten-Year Retrospective Study of Occurrence, Risk Factors and Coinfection Dynamics
Shola D. Ola-Fadunsin, Nathan A. Furo, Isaac D. Olorunshola, Deboraha. Adahand Olubukola Aluko

The influence of maternal antibody on vaccination against Newcastle disease virus in chicken
Aniefiok A. Okokon, Daniel C. Ezeokoli and Wilfred S. Ezema

Toxicity and anti-coccidial efficacy of Azadirachta indica aqueous leaf extract in broiler chickens experimentally infected with mixed Eimeria tenella and Eeimeria maxima sporulated oocysts
Chukwuma P. Eze, Chukwunonso F. Obi, Idika K. Idika, Wilfred S. Ezema, John I. Ihedioha and Chukwunyere O. Nwosu

Relative organ weights of four-week old broilers fed low energy and low protein diets supplemented with multi-enzyme in the humid tropics
Remigius A. Amaefule, Gloria Daniel-Igwe, Kevin U. Amaefule and Mary A. Oguike

Occurrence and antibiogram of
salmonella enteric serovar enteritides and proteus mirabilis in offals of slaughtered cattle in Abia State, Nigeria
Ndubueze Amaechi, Ikechi G. Erumaka and Chinonyerem J. Ukweni

A case of fibrosarcoma in an adult male german shepherd dog: diagnoses and management
Rock O. Ukaha, Celestine O. Ukwueze, Paul O. Nwiyi, Gloria Daniel-Igwe, and Samuel A. Babalola

Antimicrobial susceptibility of staphylococci isolated from urethra of male farm animals reare at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Nigeria
Ndubueze Amaechi, Ikechi G. Erumaka and Magdalene O. Okoronkwo

Efficacy of alstonia boonei stembark extract and diminazene aceturate in mice experimentally infecte with trypanosoma brucei
Damian A. Arua, Nwakaego E. Nweze, Aruh O. Anaga, Boniface M. Anene